Digital transformation series

Senior business executives from around the world consistently agree that digital transformation is one of the most essential components that will steer the success of their companies in the foreseeable future. In an ideal world, digital transformation presents indispensable opportunities for adding value to an organisation - removing business incompetencies, spurring innovation and disruption, improving consumer experience, empowering the workforce and generating substantial avenues for growth.

However, surveys have found that more than half of digital transformation initiatives do not achieve their intended goals - resulting in capital losses and decreasing overall business efficiencies. One key reason for failed implementation is the common misconception that digital transformation relates only to technological change. While technologies themselves are central to a business' shift to digitisation, leading executives also need to ensure there is an optimal mix of organisational structure and talent to truly transform business functionality to the digital realm.

The Digital Transformation Series will examine the many factors driving businesses to seek digital solutions for their organisations — from consumer behavior, shifting market conditions, evolving economies, regulatory laws and increased competition — to the technologies that will lead the digital charge in the coming decades, including 5G, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and automation. The series will dive deep into exploring the future of digital transformation in business and the crucial steps that leading executives must learn in guiding the future development and implementation of these technologies.


AUG 7 2020:
The future of cyber security after Covid-19
SEP 17 2020:
How 5G will revolutionise the workplace
NOV 25 2020:
How will AI and automation affect jobs of the future?
JAN 21 2021:
Cloud in the new normal — How can it take your business to new heights?
MAR 26 2021:
Reshaping data governance and compliance to thrive in a new normal
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